exhibition on dec 2017

Exhibition Overview

“Asian International Fan Industry Exhibition” (DF-EXPO for short) is jointly established by Guohao Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and a number of associations. It has been successfully held for 15 sessions so far; it has become the industry’s leading brand exhibition Even the global professional fan and ventilation equipment exhibition.

This conference will be based on the tenet of “outstanding brand, pioneering and innovative, focusing on actual results, and strengthening service”. With unique creativity, scientific and reasonable integration of communication and excellent service, we will provide “high standards” , High-grade, high-quality “exchange stage to create the largest, most valuable and authoritative event in the fan industry. Your company can take this opportunity to observe the exhibition, and in close contact with these target consumer groups to create business opportunities.

The 2017 Asian Wind Turbine Industry Exhibition was moved to the Shanghai New International Expo Center with the highest specifications and the most popular Asian Pavilion. Make full use of the “two exhibitions in one” in professional exhibitions and trade shows, the “three meetings in one” in exhibitions, ordering meetings, seminars, and the “four merchants gathering” model of manufacturers, dealers, supporting companies, and service providers, with a market Targeted, technical professionalism, practicality, user group, and event characteristics of the international fan industry model exhibition, truly become the fan industry industry market promotion, display new products, exchange new technologies, release new information, develop new Active platform for business opportunities. You are welcome to participate in this exhibition. With your support and participation, we will do our best to do the work of professional audience and buyer organization invitation, and strive to bring you value-added services and exhibition effects. !

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