How to choose a blower

Matters needing attention in vortex fan selection:
Because the full-wind high-pressure fan is widely used, because its selection is relatively complicated. Generally speaking, you need to follow the following two steps:
1. It is necessary to determine what function of high-pressure fan is used on site, whether it is suction or blowing, and find out the pressure-flow curve corresponding to the full-wind high-pressure fan; if the curve is wrong, sometimes the selected product cannot be used;
2. According to the calculated pressure and flow, find the working curve above the working point corresponding to the pressure and flow on the graph; then select the high-pressure fan model according to the working curve; as long as it is a different work site, its pressure and flow The needs are different, so to get relatively accurate data, you need to carry out related calculations. This needs to be carried out by a professional designer or looking for a professional company to consult.

Precautions for use:

No matter which brand of high-pressure fan, it needs to be protected in two aspects: one is pressure, and the other is dust.
For pressure, a pressure relief valve is often used. It is an unloading valve. When the pressure of the full-wind high-pressure fan exceeds the pressure set by the pressure relief valve, the pressure relief valve will automatically open to release excess pressure. To protect the high-pressure fan.
For dust, filters are often used. According to different use sites, it often uses filter elements with different filtering accuracy. Different filter elements have different maintenance methods and service life, so you need to ask clearly when ordering.
In some special occasions, special protection is also needed: for example, when used in a sealed environment, pay attention to ventilation and heat dissipation; when the ambient temperature (intake temperature is relatively high), pay more attention to ventilation and heat dissipation, or choose to allow air intake The high temperature Herrenknecht high-pressure fan (such as a ring-shaped high-pressure fan, allowing the inlet air temperature to reach 200 degrees).

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